Saturday, June 20, 2015

Back Again

Hello everyone! This month apparently is not good for my blog posts. But, I'm finally done pet sitting and won't need to do so again for a while. Today was a bit of a sad day for me. My grandma has 3 chickens and the one was attacked today. We're thinking she defended the other two. It's sad but at least she's staying hydrated and she has antibiotics now. I'm hoping she makes a recovery but it's hard to say. :(

I've still been trying to decide on my trilogy still. I think I might combine everything I thought for the trilogy (since I technically stretched it out) into one book. Then I might leave it open ended in case if I think of more that I want to add and whatnot. And it would make my book longer which I would like more. So, that's my pending idea. I think I'm going to start editing from what my editor sent me and then move forward. Sadly a good chunk of what he edited will probably be taken out since it won't fit up anymore. Ughhhhhhh!

Yeah, and about Channillo, I need to get on that. I'll probably start that process tonight. I'll update everyone when I write my first post on there. I'm really excited about it but it's just been stressful lately. Just a whole lot going on.

So, I'll have another blog post up soon. I still need to review that book! And I know once Nano Camp starts I'll be more active as well. I believe that'll be all for tonight! Have a good evening!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Migraines Galore

Hello everyone! The last 3 days I've felt like crud due to reoccurring migraines and lack of sleep. I can't wait to be done pet sitting! The half hour drive TO the dogs is a bit tolling to say the least. Especially since I'm a night owl (considering I rarely post in the mornings).

Another reason why I haven't been posting is because I'm thinking about my trilogy. I feel like my second book is only a filler (with some good parts I can use). But, I feel like maybe my story would benefit with making it one long book and then consider adding onto the series. I'm not going to touch my story for another week and really think about if this is how I want to approach my story. It'll require a lot of editing and shifting things around.

So, I also haven't been working on my side story. I need to tweak some things before I publish it. But, hopefully I'll have better luck getting on a computer soon. Bad news about my computer (with the broken screen) is that it'll cost $350 to fix. -.- The ONE time I don't insist on getting a warranty on an electronic.

Alright I need to head over to see the dogs. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post tomorrow! I need to make regular updates a thing again. Have a good evening!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Unintended Break

Hello everyone! I didn't plan on taking a break from blog posts. My stomach was quite upset for several days (cold + working out probably didn't help). And I was sucked into the book "Along the Way" which was pretty darn good. It's one of those books that you can easily go back and reread after a break. I'll be writing a review of the book soon.

I haven't gotten a chance to write recently. I've been thinking about how I want to move forward with my side story. I also bought 6 books while out antiquing (including one giant book of some Steven King short stories) for $14 dollars! I am wanting to start a Dean Koontz book "Innocence" either tonight or tomorrow.

As for editing I'm waiting to get my other computer fixed. It'll be nice to have a reliable computer (unlike this one!). Plus this upcoming Nanowrimo I'm not going to restart the 3rd book (as I had intended) but instead edit the first book. Plus I'll consider entering some contests as well.

Another reason I've been so busy is because I'm pet sitting. Watching 3 big dogs, 4 fish, 1 cat, and 1 turtle can be time consuming especially since they are a half hour away. But it is quite fun to watch all of them.

Last thing I wanted to write about is this awesome website I found. Check out All Indie Writers - Resources for some cool information about writing. Have an awesome evening! I'll hopefully be writing and get that Channillo series going soon.