Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be Nice to Everyone

Hello everyone! To the few who saw my previous post of this, I decided to update it, mostly because I thought of more to add to this post. But I will have some new information as well. Also a Nanowrimo post will be upcoming!

So on Saturday I volunteered for 7 hours doing phone calls! (For a group I no longer agree with, but if you want to get into the politics of it, send me a message at my email) Thankfully it was a simple 4 question survey, but it was amazing how mean people could be. I mean really I could write a whole blog post on how people should respond to people on the phone. Here's an example: "No thanks but have a good day." Is all you need to say. I would have rather heard that all day rather than phone hang ups or grumpy responses.

But if you need lines for a villain in a book you should definitely consider volunteering for doing surveys over the phone. Thankfully I only had one overly rude person but several other people got some sour callers. It's great because I didn't need to be overly social but it was enough to help a cause. I would now be more likely to participate in this kind of event in the future. However, not with the group I was with.

Alright, now that I've gotten that covered and updated, I also won't be going to Columbus this weekend because I don't agree with that group. Now, onto more recent content.

I haven't been writing much recently. I've gotten caught up in reading and I needed some space from my draft at the moment. As much as I really want to write, I decided that waiting and deciding how I want to approach the next section of my plot, is really for the best. I considered doing some side writing but I haven't quite gotten that far. I might try something outside my interest just to try something new.

Finally, if you need some good writing based books, check out Writer's Digest for $5 books! I snagged 5 different books so I could get free shipping. Their email made it sound like the sale will continue until the books run out, so go check them out! That's it for this post. And, yes, I did schedule it because otherwise I'd forget to publish it. Hopefully when college starts again I can be more consistent! Have a lovely day!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hello everyone! So, my blog just turned a year old. I've done a lot of exploring with my book and I'm feeling great about it. And I'm not sure how long I would have even stuck with my book if I didn't occasionally blog! So thanks for stopping by and reading my posts (especially when I'm not productive and writing).

So, regarding my book, I could potentially make my own cover now! I downloaded my Photoshop 8, which I didn't realized you could do without the disk, and I've been having quite a bit of fun with it. I most likely won't make my own cover. But, I could if I really wanted to. I'll have to play around with a bit to see if I can get the hang of it again.

Alright, so since it is my first year blog, I thought I could do something neat. I need a character name and he's pretty prominent. He's in his 40-50's (still need to go through my book timeline very carefully) and he's in charge of the young knights in my book. Now, I would prefer male names or gender neutral, but comment or email me with a name you think I should use. Preferably with a short backstory on why the name is important to you. :) His name is Mentor while I'm writing but he deserves a real name. Also the name doesn't need to be fantasy based. I'm using a mix of names because I certainly can't focused when every character has an elaborate name.

Last thing, I forgot to mention I'm now past 3,000 followers on Twitter! Whooo! I was in a pretty good habit of checking it everyday while I was in classes. Now it's a victory if I remember it. :) Alright, I think that'll be all. So comment away and have a good evening!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hello everyone!! I didn't mean to take another break away from posting. I've been either writing, sleeping, working, or watching pets. But, watching pets ended today so I can't keep forgetting to update this post! I'm finished Camp Nanowrimo with 79K! But, I think about 5k will be deleted since it was a bit rushed. Or I'll rework it into the story line.

Some good news is that my blog will be 1 year old on August 8th! Pretty crazy. Especially considering that it took half a year to get the domain name on here correctly (thanks again Google for being awesome!). Also, in case you didn't notice, the theme is updated on here! I think it's rather pretty (but that's just my opinion!). There is another design I really liked so it's hard to say how long this one will actually stay up.

Other than what I listed above I've been up to some other stuff as well. I've attended an AFP (Americans for Prosperity) meeting for a certification. They are a conservative grassroots focused on ensuring Americans can prosper. While I don't agree with all of their points I think I'll learn a lot from the certification.

I've went door knocking as volunteering with AFP (no one answered me since it was a Friday morning) but it was still fun. Plus it reminded me of one of the courses I completed last term (focused on surveys!). I'm going to a convention in Columbus, Ohio with AFP at the end of the month! I'm looking forward to that because it was only $25 and it'll take me outside of my comfort zone of politics.

Alright that's all for now! As usual I'm hoping my next blog post won't be too far away. I think it'll help once school starts again since half the time I don't know what day it is. I'm enjoying it because I know this is my last free summer. Have a lovely night!!!!

PS: Get Windows 10!!!!! Especially if you disliked the dual screen and apps. Trust me, it's really amazing!