Saturday, July 18, 2015

Slightly Alive - bronchitis

Hello everyone! I planned on writing a post LAST Friday. Sadly, Friday night (7/10) is when all of my lovely cold symptoms popped up. I had spent last Wednesday-Friday in the Wisconsin Dells area which was pretty fun. However, catching this lovely cold, has not been fun. I just found out on Thursday that I do indeed have Bronchitis AND an inner ear infection.

Good news though! I did hand write about 7 pages in a large journal I took with. I had considered hand writing in my large journal still for a bit more before typing it up. I feel bad for my camp group for Camp Nanowrimo since I haven't been active but I'm pretty wiped out from being sick. Plus I've gotten a good section written on my computer since my last update.

Also, if you're planning on going to Wisconsin Dells, I would steer clear of  Mount Olympus. While it was decent enough to stay in (if you don't need dressers of any sort) and painted head boards that look realistic in the photos. And the theme park I thought was a bit overrated. It's nice if you enjoy wooden roller coasters or their "safe rides" (this happened while I was in the area). Now, it would be great for younger kids but NO ONE CHECKED US WHEN WE CAME IN! Yeah, we could have taken our newly bought Odachi sword and strolled right in!

Other than the theme park and the crazy driving there were some awesome things up there. For example, the sword shop called "On Point" sold us our cool sword and also made sure we knew how to clean it! And I bought a sweet pair of black fuzzy moccasins (great for my high arches). But I can't decide which of the next two actives were cooler. We went on the duck ride (old military vehicles that can go in river and on land) through Wisconsin rivers which was really pretty. Then we went to the Deer Park where you go around and feed the deer there. Yeah, deer would follow and BEG for food. Absolutely adorable. I guess that would be the main reason I go back to the Dells is to feed (and pet if you're lucky!) deer.

Anyways that's my rant/joys of Wisconsin Dells. I hate ranting but it was frustrating. Also, go see House on the Rock if you're going to the Dells. That is one very smart man who designed that area. Or really just drag your kids (assuming they aren't sick) out to see some nature! I plan on (attempting) to be more outdoorsy once my sickness is gone.

Also, I've decided as a broke college student the next country I should visit is Canada so I could potentially drive there (and not have to fly for a long time).Or try a long road trip (which I do despise) across the USA to tame my travel bug. I really hope one day my writing does sell so I can fund all of the places I'd love to visit in the world. That's all for now folks!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hello everyone! This was supposed to publish back in June! I've been quite busy lately. Good news: my grandma's chicken is doing very well. She's actually back with the other two chickens. My boyfriends friends also came into town and we got to see them for several days! It was really fun and it'll be weird not having those guys around. But they eat quite a bit.

I decided to officially change my book. For Nanowrimo I'm actually going through and editing. So far I've thought of some ways to conveniently revamp some chapters. So far about the first 130 pages (double spaced) are good. But, later I may go back and edit out some of the stuff if it's not important. 

I haven't figured out where I will stop off for this first book. I might honestly keep writing for all of July and then see where I good rest would be. I am feeling much better about this approach with the story. So, if I don't post as frequently that means I'm working on my writing! That will be all for tonight! Hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently. :)