Thursday, January 29, 2015

Exciting news!

Hello everyone! I am now, officially, treasurer of my sorority and also philanthropic chair of the non profit club I'm in! Whoooo! Also, I did pretty good on my geology test so I'm glad to have that over with.

Alright, onto the writing. So, my editor will be a while. Which is probably for the best considering I will be busy and have tests coming up. But words cannot express how excited I will be to have time to write. If I could get a lot done in my papers (a big if!) then I would feel a lot more relaxed about writing.

As for the website, I thought Wix would be great and wasted an hour on their website. Sadly, to get my domain to transfer, I would have to pay for a monthly fee to get premium. Over the weekend I'm going to put some effort into finding a website to at least get the domain transferred onto.

I believe that's it! Hopefully I can get a longer update in soon! Have a good night. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pent Up Energy

Hello everyone! I have quite a bit of pent up energy. Luckily, I got most of the classes I wanted for next term. Not quite sure if I'm going to have a PE or if I'll wait until next year. But, I did attend a lunch presentation today, and I learned about a nearby Non Profit! So, that was pretty neat. And, the book that I have to read, write a paper on, and present, doesn't sound nearly as bad as I expected.

Back to my pent up energy. I desperately want to write. But, I know that if I start, I could easily go until 3am. :( I'm also thinking of a neat Sci Fi story but I'm not planning on making a trilogy out of it. Then again, I thought my current book series would only be two books. Oh well!

I'll have along day and night tomorrow. So, I may not be able to write a post. I just have to keep telling myself only 3 more full weeks and then I'm done for this term. Have a good night!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Good and Bad

Hello everyone! Good news! I no longer have to deal with 1&1! Now, as someone who has taken business classes, I don't like saying bad things about companies. But all I really needed was help with setting up my domain! It really shouldn't be that hard to help. So, now I'm officially

That's where the bad comes in. I'm not sure if that means I can't connect the URL with a website. Or, if I can connect it with a website AND the blog. Sadly, it won't recognize my blog just as a website. Which, would make my life a whole lot easier. Ughhhhh.

So, I've been dying to write. Unfortunately, I have to read a chapter, read articles, figure out what separate articles to use for a paper, read a book and write a report, and I have a test in my geology class. But, please cross your fingers for me at 6pm central tomorrow, while I register for classes. I am really hoping I can get my complete schedule. It'll still be busy, but if I can get this schedule,  should be able to have time to write!

Yeah, that would be really lovely. Anyways, I need to kick myself in gear. But I will be investigating into my domain information. Hopefully this doesn't lead to a half year ordeal! Have a lovely day!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Long Day

Hello everyone! I didn't get much accomplished today (other than Grey's Anatomy) but I feel much better after last week. Yesterday I did some volunteering and was able to see some of my family from Chicago! And I got my Christmas present of Amazon gift cards! So, I might get some eBooks since I got stuck on the other book and haven't finished it yet.

My domain transfer SHOULD have went through. However, the confusing email my domain provider sent, made me lock the domain transfer. So, instead of asking "Hey, are you wanting to transfer your account?", it just deleted it. I'm being VERY hopeful that google domain won't freak out like my previous provider.

Well, I don't have much to update. With two papers (one being a book report) I'm probably not going to be able to write for a little bit. It's frustrating but I'll have to deal with it since  want to get good grades. Ugh. I really hope some publisher loves me, my book becomes really popular, just so I can stay at home and write. But I still need to put a lot of work into my books before that will become a reality. Have a good day!

Friday, January 23, 2015

100th Post!

Hello everyone! This is my 100th post! *Throws confetti*. Sadly my domain hasn't gotten accepted. But, it's supposively going to be automatically transferred on the 27th! Cross your fingers that it will FINALLY work. Yesh.

Anywho, no new updates about my book. I took a really long time getting to my editor so I'm going to be very patient. I don't know if I'll get a chance to write tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to do that. It stinks not being able to write. And, I'll most likely continue being busy, until after finals. Hopefully I can get ahead on homework. But I'm excited to write my third book and then go back and edit the first and second book!

Also, I've gotten to 1.9k followers on Twitter! I'm pretty excited about that. When, not if, my book gets published I'll make sure that all of my followers will see a post at some point in the day! haha :) I believe that's it! Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Post #99

Hello everyone! I've been a bit busy with college. At least my car is working again! Tomorrow is going to be busy for a bit but hopefully I'll have some time to write tomorrow night. I'm really excited that my next post is going to be my 100th post. That, is pretty cool, and I'm hoping I can get a good update in!

So, my first book is still being edited. It's still as nerve wracking but I'm very grateful that I have homework to keep me busy. Otherwise, I would be really antsy. But I need to figure out a time to focus on writing the third book and getting back to the second book as well. :)

I'm also hoping, with my 100th post, that I'll also have good news about my url. Google finally made it easier to upload the domain name. I haven't seen the advertisement for it but, apparently, it was released on the 13th! I need to fix a few things and then it should be ready to go. :) That means I can get business cards (when I decide to publish) and also make nifty banners. Or pay others to make the banners. That might be a bit better.

Alright, I need to get ready for bed. Because otherwise I probably won't go to sleep for at least another 2 hours. And I need to get a little reading in before my classes as well. Have a lovely day!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Flea Market Flip

Hello everyone! I've been fairly busy today. Tomorrow, what I thought would be a relaxing day, has turned into a hectic mess. I have a 9am college meeting, then have to go to two symposium day events, and hang around for band. Oh, and my car may or may not work. However I think I'm going to try and find a quiet space to do some writing during the day. :)

I've been dying to write more! I have to work on a book report and start looking for a modern article (GQ, Seventeen, etc). But, that's obviously not the writing I want to be working with. However, if I can get ahead and be less stressed in the long run, then maybe I'll be able to write more.

As you may be wondering, why "Flea Market Flip" for the title? Well, I really enjoy the show, and I can record old episodes! So, I'm watching it while I'm writing my blog post and hopefully can write a little bit as well.

My final update is that I've gotten past 3,000 views!!! I'm very excited about this. I can't wait to be posting when my book is finally completed! Take care!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Busy Bit!

Hello everyone! I had a lot on my plate working on my assignments. Next week shouldn't be as hellish bad. Plus my car is currently having trouble with it's power steering. But this half of the term is going to be quite busy! I'm going to attempt to get ahead so I can hopefully still have time for writing.

I did a little bit of writing today. But, sadly, I didn't do too much. I'm hoping to get some more writing in after writing the blog post. :) I've also been thinking of the prequel's in front of all my books. I think it'll flow quite well!

The only other thing I have to update on is that I have a really good chance of becoming treasurer for my sorority! Granted, I'm up against one other person, but it would appear I'm the only one with accounting skills! My skills are very little but I actually remember the very basic accounting that the sorority would require so that works well.

Alright! I hope I can update you all tomorrow night with some more information. :) 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quick Post

Hello everyone! This is going to be a very short post. I had my presentation today and it went well. I'm just tired and need to get a lot done by Friday. Wish my luck! I may not be able to post tomorrow. But I've been thinking a lot about the prologue for the book and how I can have it be an introduction for all of the books. Of course, I won't mention who it is but by the third book the reader will probably know who! I'm pretty excited about that but can't do anything until Friday at least! Unless I write like the wind for the 6-8 page paper and get it done tomorrow. Which, with a little creative writing, I could probably do it. :D

Have a lovely day/night! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Busy Week Ahead!

Hello everyone! I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I got my book from Lulu in the mail! Just from a first glance I can see some changes I need to make. But, I knew that was coming, and I'm still waiting for my edit to come through from my editor. :)

My boyfriend started reading a bit of it. He mentioned a great idea, to have a prologue, and I think that could really make my book great! I thought that I could slowly add this side story. Plus, it'll all really be for a certain book (I won't say which). So, as you can maybe tell, I'm DYING to write. Do I have the time? Of course not!

Anyway I have a bit more homework to do. Plus getting my powerpoint for the educational done. But after this week I should have a little time to get some writing in. :) Have a lovely night!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Breaks Over

Hello everyone! My break is over now. I'll have my 9:30 am fitness class tomorrow. :) I'm tempted to get a gym membership in my home town (even though my college has a free work out center) because the local one is 24 hours. Haven't decided yet. But I also may start trying to do my workout videos at home. (Hey, one of my new years resolutions!)

Anywho, no progress on my third book. I'm expecting a huge burst of energy tomorrow when I (technically) can't write. But I'm still thinking through some scenes. I'm also paranoid about my first book so that probably isn't helping.

Also I just got a great idea. I may make a book of inspirational quotes. Maybe a 365, maybe a short one with some different sections, but its an idea. I'd probably make it for free as well. I would have to look into if you can charge (pretty sure) and the legal issues behind it. I know there's a lot of websites with inspirational quotes. But, it's an idea.

Well I believe that's it for tonight! Tomorrow I'll probably write a longer blog post. Have a lovely night!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Writing Road Block

Hello everyone! I haven't been up to much today. I watched "No Good Deeds" and that was pretty decent. I can't always get into movies like that (but I do recommend "You're Next" [Netflix]). Now that is a pretty good one.

Like my title says, I've hit a bit of a block. It's not the ideas that I'm having a problem with. It's just getting past the current section in my book. I may try again after this blog post. I am probably going to stay up for a bit since tomorrow I will be busy. Annnndddd Monday I have to get up early.

One, really exciting thing, is that I've 1,820+ followers! I think that's pretty awesome and I'm extremely happy. Also, I think I mentioned, that I'm going to look into Traditional Publishing first. After this series I may self publish. But, by several things I've read online, it's a good idea to mix. That way I can build up an audience!

Alright, I think that's good for tonight. I'm going to try and write a post earlier tomorrow night. :) Have a good day!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Plot ideas

Hello everyone! I had a fairly slow day again. I had a dentist appointment today (no cavities!) but I have to go back and get one cavity fixed up. My dentist said there must have been an air bubble. So, a five minute job, requires me to go back to the dentist. I may try to get n sooner than what I scheduled.

So, as I mentioned in the topic, I have new plot ideas! I think for my love concept I'm going to change it up for the third book. Originally, I planned on having the new guy become the final guy, but that's kind of silly. Since I don't want to give too much away that's what I'm going to leave you with. [Plus I've been toying with concepts for future books!]

I'm still trying to get the domain name up. I've been reading that other people have been having problems as well. I'm just hoping that I can get it figured out soon! It would be great to advertise (without BlogSpot in my URL) and also if I wanted to get business cards as well. I'm also going to make a tumblr at some point as well.

Alright, I believe that's it. I'm going to do some notecards. I'm going to get my hair done and go out with my mom. I need to get my big and my little Christmas gifts. :) Also, my book was printed from Lulu and is on the way to my house! I'm really hoping the outside cover looks nice because the book jacket is going to be reallllyyyyyyy bad. (Hey, there's a reason I'm nota graphic design major!)

Have a lovely day! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Short days

Hello everyone! I didn't have much to update on yesterday. I had to get my grandpa from an airport a few hours away because the flights were cancelled to our local airport. I haven't had muse lately for writing. I think it's the weather and anticipation for returning to school. Of course, on Monday, I'll probably be dying to write! I'll be starting my fitness class then.

So, the only thing I really have to update, is that the free book has shipped out. Hopefully that will help wit my motivation. I also have thought of some plot details to add to the second book.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and then Friday I have a hair appointment. And I need to get the powerpoint for my informational presentation done. Plus I have a lab that I also need to do. So hopefully I'll have a post tomorrow and I'll get some muse!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lots of Snow

Why, hello there! Pleasure to have you reading my blog. So, a few days ago, it snowed but I didn't have a to deal with it. Today I've had to deal with the snow. It's flying everywhere and made cleaning my car off hectic. But now I won't be busy until Wednesday, when I can get my hair done, and Thursday when I get my teeth cleaned.

Again I've been procrastinating. But it's not avoiding the writing. I'm stuck at a point and don't know how I want it to proceed. I thought of a lovely plot twist for the ending that I like. So after this post I'm going to try to start writing again. :) Another thing, I'll probably work on getting a chapter or two up on the internet soon of my first book. :)

No luck with the URL yet. I'm not sure how to approach all of this. I'll try it again tonight and hopefully another email will get to someone that can actually help me. Good news is  I'm creeping closer to 1,800 twitter followers. Only about twenty away from it. :)

I'm tired and don't have any other updates. I hope you have a lovely day/evening. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hello everyone! The title says it all. I've been procrastinating today. The only big accomplishment I've had is completing season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and starting into the third season. But, I've been trying to think of how to add more detail to my first book.

Yes, I've already sent in the first book. But I know I should have probably added a bit more detail. Sadly it feels like I either add too little detail or too much detail. Also, after some research online, most publishing companies want at least 80k. I'm at 70k. Which at least isn't too far off.

Also, as promised, I've been working on the URL for the site. Hopefully it'll finally come through and  work. Otherwise I'm tempted to get a different URL company to help me. Because this is beyond annoying.

Any who. I think I'm going to try and type. See where it gets me. If you are/know/recommend a literary agent please contact me. I haven't officially decided to go the traditional route but I would love to get more information. Have a lovely day and evening! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Editing Book!

Hello everyone! I didn't have much to say yesterday. But, I sent my book into my editor! I'll give out his name once I get my book back. ;) I'm also going to be formatting my book so I can get a print edition. That way, I can give two to my friends that said they would read it, and I can get one for myself! And of course I'm expecting to find stuff to edit.

So, now that leads me back to my third book. Once I get my formatting done (for the first book) I'll go back to writing!  I'm very excited to proceed with the final book in the series. I have thought of a few things I'll be incorporating into this book and in the second book.

Today I saw some of my boyfriends family. It was really nice and I was even offered for an internship! It's geared towards the public health field. Sadly it wouldn't work for the non profit certification but I'm still tempted to take the internship. And, I would be up by a big city, which could help my odds of getting published. It's food for thought. :)

I got my free book from Lulu and I already know there will be some problems with the formatting. And the book cover is quite horrid! At least with createspace they had freebie covers I could use. I still need to work on it. But, for the odd number pages needing to be on the right side. Ughhhhh. At least if I do self publish I'll pay to get the help formatting it.

Alright, I believe that's it! I'm thinking about putting the first chapter or two up on a website. That way you can read a bit of it! :) Have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Almost Ready for Editing

Hello everyone! I haven't felt the best today. I think I'm getting a sore throat. So, I was very inactive, and focused on getting my editing done!

I had well over 140 word document pages to read (double spaced). Thankfully, since I've done one reread over this book already, I haven't had to fix up much. Sure, I'll probably need to add more detail and fix up areas, but I think it's in pretty good shape. So currently I'm at 258 word document pages. I'll soon be editing the page formats so I can get the 3 free books!

Hopefully I can get everything wrapped up tonight. I'm at least wanting to get my word document done by tonight so I can send it to the editor. It's scary and super exciting at the same time. And, after I spend some time with my mom tomorrow, I can get back to writing the third book.

I've been investigating still if I should go the traditional route or the self publishing route with my book. I may try getting a literary agent (if interested please feel free to contact me) and submitting my work to a few big publishing companies. If that doesn't work then I'll figure it out from there. :)

Also, I didn't quite get to 2.5k but I'm still going to donate to Nanowrimo. Just a smaller amount. :) I am also on Scribophile (here) but I haven't been too active yet. I'll update how I like the site soon. Have a lovely day! :D