Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strange Events

Hello everyone! I am having a bit of a dilema with the strangeness of my life right now. I essentially have two and a half weeks of college left. But why, now towards the end of the term, is there this nice calmness? Seriously, this is easily the only weekend that I feel like I could relax and not stress out trying to get everything done. Verrrrrryyyyyyy strange indeed.

Ok, so it's really not that strange, but for someone who desperately wants to write it is. Also before I forget:
(Also you can change the time of your area if you need an extra hour to get to your goal. :D)

And if you've already reached it then congrats!!!! I am planning on participating in the July camp still. Not quite sure what I'll do but hopefully I'll figure it out.

So, I submitted my story a little more than a week ago to a contest. They said they would reply in about 10 days so essentially tomorrow I find out how I did. Which is really petrifying. I mean, technically I don't lose anything but the $15 application fee, but it feels so much scarier. 

This is how I will be tomorrow. My boyfriend will essentially be staring at me like Flynn is.

That's about it! Hopefully I can do another update on this weekend. Until then keep checking my twitter because I have been trying to get on there every night (without being on it for hours!). :) Have a good evening!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekly Update: Contest Time

Hello everyone! I believe weekly updates will probably be occurring until this summer. Thankfully the Relay for Life event went off without a hitch (other than needing more smaller change). I learned event planning is more convenient when you don't need to talk to 2 different people who apparently won't communicate. Yay. I just need to keep telling myself only 3 more weeks until my summer break.

I submitted my 750 word story to a contest earlier this week! I realized that I had given up on my dreams of becoming a writer when I was much younger. I understand having realistic goals (and unless by celebrity fairy dust you make it big right away) it can be a long and difficult road. So at the end of July will be when I was finishing up my very first draft of my book.

So, my plans for the summer other than landing an internship, are to work on my story. I may participate in Nanowrimo Camp and be a rebel (short stories!) or I'll just browse the forums. I just realized that April's Camp is still going on (it feels much later than April). But, for now, I believe the short story line I had anticipated for 20 Lines will have to wait until May 18th (last day of finals).

Alright, so I'm going to work on homework before babysitting, and hopefully I can have some time to write as well. Have a good day and keep checking back for updates!

(Also cross your fingers that on May 1st I get some good news from the contest!)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Less Time; Less Posts

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been updating frequently. I've been busy with school work and my sorority. I'm still planning on making the 20 lines (or a different website) story. I now just need the time to write! Hopefully after this week I'll be a little less stressed and can get started on that.

If my school work doesn't let up I might be going to weekly or bi-weekly updates that would be more manageable. So hopefully that will help and I'll have a little more time to write as well! And don't worry I'm still editing my book! I probably won't have too many more updates about that until this summer. 

Also I might change my blog a bit and have spots on the sides for people with websites to advertise on rather than using google! I will probably want to have website advertisements that would be willing to let me have an ad on their website as well. Then I wouldn't have to deal with money and it can be free!

On the plus side I'm finally feeling a bit better! I have a bit of a cough but it's manageable. Plus it's better than that annoying ear irritation. I should be making a full recovery! :D

Alright, that's all for this update. I'm off to formal! Have a good night! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sickness :(

Hello everyone! As my title says I'm now sick. I've been coughing on and off and now I have a sore throat. Plus my ears hurt as well. So this will be a short blog post!

I've been thinking about the 20 lines (or whatever website I use) story. I'm hopefully going to have some more free time since I'm officially done with my 1 credit class for a few weeks. I don't think words could express how much I want to write daily! I keep trying to set time aside but so far it hasn't worked out.

So I believe that's it for tonight. Cross your fingers (and your toes) that I feel better and can start writing again! Also, bonus points if you can walk with your toes crossed. :) Have a good evening!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hello Again

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post! I meant to write last night but the internet went out. Also, if you want to watch a good movie, check out Interstellar. I just watched it last night and it was pretty good.

So writing wise I probably won't make much progress this weekend. Hopefully I can get started on some of the requirements for my paper. Granted, it's only 4-5 pages, but I still need to make sure I write it well. I'm still checking out between 20 Lines, Tablo, etc. because I still haven't decided which will be the best to use.

Alright so here are my upcoming plans! I'm hoping to post a few chapters of the book I'm thinking of picking up (and writing by the chapters). I'm also planning on submitting that other short story to that contest. Then if I have more free time I want to start editing my first book again of the trilogy. I think I may go through once more and then start up with fixing the second book. I'm still fighting with the plot so hopefully I can determine what will be the best.

That's it! So, if you're still traveling this weekend to see family for the holiday, please drive safe. I hope to have more updates soon! I should (hopefully) be less stressed for at least a few weeks. I'm also planning on making an Nanowrimo camp account so I can browse the forums. :)