Thursday, January 21, 2016

Two Month Break

Hello everyone! I did not intend to take a two month break from writing blogs. These last two months have been quite busy for me. First, my classes are enjoyable but hard to keep up. Second, we found out Ryan's Grandma in Germany has cancer again (more on that later). Finally, I've been thinking about my approach with my book and I've been reading a great series that makes me want to write more.

So, in regards to college, my classes have been quite interesting. But, my project that I need complete to graduate, has not been going the best. Thankfully my organization did get most of it's funding (thanks Illinois for the lack of funding for non-profits!) but they did have to let go the one employee that was supposed to help me find volunteers. So, now I'm on my own, and I'm also helping the organization get all the paperwork done since receiving the grant.

The trip to Germany was brought up right around Thanksgiving. We found out that his Grandma's cancer had returned (for I believe the fourth time) and we don't know how bad it was. So, we went from December 27th until January 8th and were able to spend a lot of time with her. It was so interesting to see Germany and now I can (somewhat consistently) count to 10. But everytime I went out I was either with my boyfriend (who knows a little German) or his mother (who grew up in Germany). If time permits I plan on writing a longer blog post but that might not be until February.

While I haven't been able to write (I need time to binge write to be happy) I have been thinking about how I am going to shift the story line a bit. I'm hoping this spring break I won't have to do much so I can write as much as I want. It'll be nice to be able to sit down and focus on the story again!

The book series I've been reading is by Lindsay Buroker which is pretty amazing if you love sarcasm and good characters. I recommend getting Dragon Blood Collection Books 1-3 since it's only $.99. And, as much as I loved listening to the audio book of the series, it's only recorded for books 1-3. But the narration was well done. I just finished the last book, Soulblade, and it was pretty great but I need someone who has read to series to fangirl with. I also have great timing because a short story in the series is going to be released tomorrow! She also has a short story on her website that I need to read first.

Alright, I believe that's it for now. I'll do my best to post again before February but who knows at this point. The term of my term is about 4 weeks away and I foresee it being quite busy. I hope you're doing well and have a good day.