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Hello my name is Elizabeth Light. I'm twenty one years old. I live in Illinois near Iowa. I'm a senior studying Communications and getting a Non-Profit Certification. I have a boyfriend that is going to the same college as I am and we've dated for 5 years.

I want to become an author because I've always loved to read books. I became hooked when my father and I read the "Magic Tree House" books together. I enjoy reading paper back and e-books. I prefer reading e-books because I can bring so many more books with me! I have written in the November Nanowrimo (2013, 2014) and July Camp Nanowrimo (2014, 2015) so far. My first fantasy book is from the July Camp '14. I spent July Camp '15 editing and revising the same fantasy book.

I've played the flute since 6th grade (11 years) and I play with the concert band. Other hobbies include: knitting, sewing, attempting to paint, surfing the Internet, playing Minecraft, watching Vines and cat videos on YouTube, and being a smartass.

As for traveling, outside the USA, I've been to Costa Rica, France, and Brazil. I visited Costa Rica in 2012 on a week vacation there. I went to France with my college class in the summer of 2013. I stayed for 6 weeks and loved it there. I was mainly in Dijon and I could go back there in a heartbeat. My most recent trip was to Brazil for 5 weeks. 2 weeks were in Rio de Janerio and 3 weeks were in Salvador. For the last 3 weeks I spent it with my host family (who didn't speak English) and communicated with google translate. It was still a lot of fun and it was a great experience!

If there is anything else you would like to know or think I should write a blog post on please contact me. You can do so by tweeting (@Elizabethlight_) or emailing me at You may also add me as a friend on google+ but I'm not as active on there during the college term. I would love to hear from you!

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