Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be Nice to Everyone

Hello everyone! To the few who saw my previous post of this, I decided to update it, mostly because I thought of more to add to this post. But I will have some new information as well. Also a Nanowrimo post will be upcoming!

So on Saturday I volunteered for 7 hours doing phone calls! (For a group I no longer agree with, but if you want to get into the politics of it, send me a message at my email) Thankfully it was a simple 4 question survey, but it was amazing how mean people could be. I mean really I could write a whole blog post on how people should respond to people on the phone. Here's an example: "No thanks but have a good day." Is all you need to say. I would have rather heard that all day rather than phone hang ups or grumpy responses.

But if you need lines for a villain in a book you should definitely consider volunteering for doing surveys over the phone. Thankfully I only had one overly rude person but several other people got some sour callers. It's great because I didn't need to be overly social but it was enough to help a cause. I would now be more likely to participate in this kind of event in the future. However, not with the group I was with.

Alright, now that I've gotten that covered and updated, I also won't be going to Columbus this weekend because I don't agree with that group. Now, onto more recent content.

I haven't been writing much recently. I've gotten caught up in reading and I needed some space from my draft at the moment. As much as I really want to write, I decided that waiting and deciding how I want to approach the next section of my plot, is really for the best. I considered doing some side writing but I haven't quite gotten that far. I might try something outside my interest just to try something new.

Finally, if you need some good writing based books, check out Writer's Digest for $5 books! I snagged 5 different books so I could get free shipping. Their email made it sound like the sale will continue until the books run out, so go check them out! That's it for this post. And, yes, I did schedule it because otherwise I'd forget to publish it. Hopefully when college starts again I can be more consistent! Have a lovely day!!!

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