Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strange Events

Hello everyone! I am having a bit of a dilema with the strangeness of my life right now. I essentially have two and a half weeks of college left. But why, now towards the end of the term, is there this nice calmness? Seriously, this is easily the only weekend that I feel like I could relax and not stress out trying to get everything done. Verrrrrryyyyyyy strange indeed.

Ok, so it's really not that strange, but for someone who desperately wants to write it is. Also before I forget:
(Also you can change the time of your area if you need an extra hour to get to your goal. :D)

And if you've already reached it then congrats!!!! I am planning on participating in the July camp still. Not quite sure what I'll do but hopefully I'll figure it out.

So, I submitted my story a little more than a week ago to a contest. They said they would reply in about 10 days so essentially tomorrow I find out how I did. Which is really petrifying. I mean, technically I don't lose anything but the $15 application fee, but it feels so much scarier. 

This is how I will be tomorrow. My boyfriend will essentially be staring at me like Flynn is.

That's about it! Hopefully I can do another update on this weekend. Until then keep checking my twitter because I have been trying to get on there every night (without being on it for hours!). :) Have a good evening!

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