Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekly Update: Contest Time

Hello everyone! I believe weekly updates will probably be occurring until this summer. Thankfully the Relay for Life event went off without a hitch (other than needing more smaller change). I learned event planning is more convenient when you don't need to talk to 2 different people who apparently won't communicate. Yay. I just need to keep telling myself only 3 more weeks until my summer break.

I submitted my 750 word story to a contest earlier this week! I realized that I had given up on my dreams of becoming a writer when I was much younger. I understand having realistic goals (and unless by celebrity fairy dust you make it big right away) it can be a long and difficult road. So at the end of July will be when I was finishing up my very first draft of my book.

So, my plans for the summer other than landing an internship, are to work on my story. I may participate in Nanowrimo Camp and be a rebel (short stories!) or I'll just browse the forums. I just realized that April's Camp is still going on (it feels much later than April). But, for now, I believe the short story line I had anticipated for 20 Lines will have to wait until May 18th (last day of finals).

Alright, so I'm going to work on homework before babysitting, and hopefully I can have some time to write as well. Have a good day and keep checking back for updates!

(Also cross your fingers that on May 1st I get some good news from the contest!)

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