Thursday, January 1, 2015

Almost Ready for Editing

Hello everyone! I haven't felt the best today. I think I'm getting a sore throat. So, I was very inactive, and focused on getting my editing done!

I had well over 140 word document pages to read (double spaced). Thankfully, since I've done one reread over this book already, I haven't had to fix up much. Sure, I'll probably need to add more detail and fix up areas, but I think it's in pretty good shape. So currently I'm at 258 word document pages. I'll soon be editing the page formats so I can get the 3 free books!

Hopefully I can get everything wrapped up tonight. I'm at least wanting to get my word document done by tonight so I can send it to the editor. It's scary and super exciting at the same time. And, after I spend some time with my mom tomorrow, I can get back to writing the third book.

I've been investigating still if I should go the traditional route or the self publishing route with my book. I may try getting a literary agent (if interested please feel free to contact me) and submitting my work to a few big publishing companies. If that doesn't work then I'll figure it out from there. :)

Also, I didn't quite get to 2.5k but I'm still going to donate to Nanowrimo. Just a smaller amount. :) I am also on Scribophile (here) but I haven't been too active yet. I'll update how I like the site soon. Have a lovely day! :D

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