Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

Hey everyone! I could write a cheesy, remembering, post for tonight. But I decided I don't want to do that. Maybe next year! So far, I've just did laundry. I now (should be able to) can access the first book. So, I'll get my butt in gear. It's only a hundred pages of Microsoft word pages.

Yeah, so it's a good chunk, but I'm not going crazy on New Year's. I can't drink until next summer to begin with. It's funny that I've been to three countries in my life where I CAN drink. But I have to wait in the USA. Which doesn't bother me, because alcohol isn't the greatest tasting, but it's fun to watch the drunk people.

Well, I might write a post with goals for 2015 tomorrow. Also please don't drink and drive! For now, I'm going to return to editing since I have a lot to check over! Plus: only 50 page views away from me donating $50. I'll update regularly on twitter. :) [Which is -> on your screen] Happy New Year!!!

*Throws confetti*

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