Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Writing Away

Hello everyone! Yesterday I was a lot busier than anticipated. I had a great time with my mom and grandma. We also went out to dinner and watched Frozen. :) I'm very excited that tomorrow I have a free day! And I had asked for a kindle cover from Ryan's family so I'll feel better about carrying my new kindle around once I get a case.

As for writing, I finished the second book (but I have a lot to do with it still). I deleted my previous idea for the third book intro (at least a thousand words) and I'm going to be completely revamping my idea. I now feel much more confident about this third book. I believe I'm going to wait until I finish my third book before getting editing for the first two. Also, if I were to get published by a major publishing company, I will have my work done considering my college holds me back from writing. But, it's also benefiting me quite a bit, however I would need a good amount of extensions.

So, that's about it! I haven't started writing for the third book. Today I also had to go out shopping with Ryan. And, I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix! But otherwise I will have a family gathering tomorrow and finallllyyyyy have time to write! I hope you have a good day!

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