Saturday, December 27, 2014

Exciting News and Links

Hello everyone! I'm very excited! I may be able to get adsense to advertise on the blog. :) I'm hoping that I can then use that money to be used for advertising for my blog and my book. I'm also still working on the article for the kindle paperwhite. That should be done in the next few days.

Tonight I'm going over to my grandparents house. So afterwards I'll probably get back to writing. :) I wrote for a while today and tried to do some advertising. But, I lost my muse, and decided to play on minecraft for a while. Also, I might be gone tomorrow to go shopping with my mom. Hopefully it's not an all day thing. In the next few days I also plan on trying to get the URL to work.

Also I've been searching online for articles on writing. I've stumbled along many sites but here are a few I liked.
18 Common Words to Replace
Publishing Academy (An older site but still has good articles).

Well, I believe that's it. Please comment or send me a message!

[Also, I may try to figure out a new emailing company to use. I'll update you if I change it. :)]

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