Friday, December 19, 2014

Three Weeks of Freedom

Hello everyone! I am officially done with my midterms. Which means I get a nice three week break. I ended up reading a lot today. But I'm now in the second book of the series (check out yesterdays post) and it's pretty good. :) I've also been watching Youtube frequently.

So, as I just mentioned, I haven't been spending much time writing. I have a lot of ideas but I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to start writing. My brain is sort of fried from having three big tests three days in a row. But I will soon continue writing! I'm determined to finish this trilogy. And I have a fourth book but that's way down the road. :D

Also I have gotten over 2,000 page views to the blog! I'm going to tackle the URL problem for blogger and my domain. I'll attempt (once again) to get it to work. But, for now, I'm going to head to bed soon. I hope you've had a good day and please check out more of my blog! :D

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