Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A tad bit stressed no longer!

Hello everyone! I haven't been having the best of luck so far. I paid for the 100 gb extra on the onedrive cloud, with Microsoft, and only the 15 videos loaded onto there. When it showed that all of my pictures were going to transfer over. So now I get to drive home, get the pictures to upload to the onedrive somehow, drive back, and put them on a presentation for tonight.

In other news I might be closer to getting my blogger name changed. Finally. I have to wait for a few hours for the information to transfer over and then hopefully blogger will finally recognize it. If I can get the name to update I'll finally be able to advertise! :) Which makes me super excited.

Well, this is a quick update, but I might add on more later. I have class to go to at the moment. Hopefully I can get everything done today fairly easy. And, if I'm super lucky, I'll also be able to go through some more editing with my book. I also finished Mr. Mercedes as well. (You should check it out if you have free time.)

Well, my good luck has increased. Not many people signed up for the educational sooooo I'll be doing that when we get back to college after break! Awesome. I'm still tired but at least I won't be on campus late. I'm probably going to start editing until I go to tutoring. :)

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