Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Disappearing act!

Hello everyone! Sorry about disappearing. I thought this week was going to be laid back but I was wrong about that! It will continue getting busier sadly. I haven't been able to edit since this weekend but I keep thinking of what I could do for the third book! I'm hoping to get some time to edit tomorrow.

Which leads me to a dilemma. I know, normally, authors would write, edit, and try to publish their first book then continue on with writing. But I'm tempted to go through my read of the first book then go back into writing the second and third book. After I finish, I would then go back to the second book and edit for a while. On the other hand, by not rushing the writing process, I won't go down a plot path that I later don't like. As what happened to when I tried writing a different book last year.

One exciting thing is that I've gotten 1800 page views! :D I am pretty excited about that. I also realized I haven't done a twitter follower count update. I currently have 1,569 followers! :D Over my break I'm planning on going through my twitter followers and add them to the lists that I created for twitter. I also might make an instagram but I feel as if all of my pictures would be cats. :3 So, that might wait until I get a print copy of my book, and then maybe I'll get the instagram.

Another new thing for the site that I plan on adding is page on my book goal. I already have one for my writing, but since I've been reading more with my kindle, I'm going to add books that I want to read! My goal for next year is to read at least 12 books but hopefully more than that. Also, I'm planning on using my goodreads account more as well [the kindle is linked to it!], so I'll post the link to that page once I create it.

So, nothing is set in stone, but I have those thoughts right now for my book. I'm not really looking forward to next week. It's the first time I've had 3 midterms. So, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week will be busy. But, once I get through all of that, I get a 3 week break! This turned out to be a long post! Hope everyone else is less stressed. :)

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