Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Village Inn

Hello everyone! I got a bit busy yesterday so I wasn't able to post. I probably should have used my hour between band and meeting up with ESA sisters to study. But, I cleaned my inbox instead and decided to write a post. I did get my moodle quiz done so that was an accomplishment. Otherwise, I'm going to study later.

I forgot to mention the other day that I reached 1900 page views but it looks like I'll be hitting 2000 in the next few days! I think that's really exciting. Also, I have more of a clear idea of what I'll do for my last book. I can't wait to start writing!!!! My Friday will probably consist of my final, getting through my other class, and then writing like crazy. I also realized I haven't even written an entire section of the third book (I've just thought about it so much) that I actually thought I did write it.

So, I'll be wrapping up the second book, and then head into the third book since I have the muse for it. Then I'll go back and write more for the second book since I know a few spots I want to go back to. It's amazing how this process of writing has so much more energy than anything else I've ever written. By this point I would be bored out of my mind by the concept (and ultimately stop writing) but now I'm just pushing ahead!

Alright. I have a midterm tomorrow and babysitting. Then Thursday I have another midterm. Finally I'll have my last one on Friday! :) I'm a bit worried about the times to study for Thursday test but hopefully I'll figure out some time. :) I also did all my laundry today! But for some reason it was consistently off by 10 minutes. So that was a bit odd. I hope you've had a wonderful day! :)

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