Friday, December 26, 2014

Day after Christmas

Hey everyone! I've had a weird day. I went to bed late, didn't sleep that well at first, but managed to go back to sleep until 1pm. Yeah, that rarely happens, so I'm a bit tired. I've been writing a little but mainly playing Minecraft. My boyfriend and I can be on Xbox and play together. I just hide when the mobs come out. :)

I'm going to be watching the Interview soon. Ryan's parents have rented it for us to watch. We've been wanting to see it just because they tried to ban it! Speaking of Sony, the PSN (Play Station Network) has been down for the PS4's. There is a twitter group (@AnonymousUK2015) with updates. Apparently, they were the group that took down the PSN network for 2 months in 2011. Ironically they're helping repair the PSN network since Sony isn't doing much about it.

Well, the only other news I have is that I'm on Bloglovin (there's a button to click above). It's a website that will publish the updates on blogs. So, this post will show up in your news feed if you follow me! I think that's pretty nifty! Please follow me on there. I also plan on becoming more active with the GoodReads account. Probably not tonight but I'll be on there soon again to update what books I've read.

So that's it for today folks. Please message me or comment on this post. I may start thinking more about how to price and set up book reviews. Probably wouldn't take too many requests at once (due to college). But it would be other content for the blog and be a way to get me to read more! :) Farewell folks! I hope you've had (and are having) a lovely day. <3

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