Sunday, January 11, 2015

Breaks Over

Hello everyone! My break is over now. I'll have my 9:30 am fitness class tomorrow. :) I'm tempted to get a gym membership in my home town (even though my college has a free work out center) because the local one is 24 hours. Haven't decided yet. But I also may start trying to do my workout videos at home. (Hey, one of my new years resolutions!)

Anywho, no progress on my third book. I'm expecting a huge burst of energy tomorrow when I (technically) can't write. But I'm still thinking through some scenes. I'm also paranoid about my first book so that probably isn't helping.

Also I just got a great idea. I may make a book of inspirational quotes. Maybe a 365, maybe a short one with some different sections, but its an idea. I'd probably make it for free as well. I would have to look into if you can charge (pretty sure) and the legal issues behind it. I know there's a lot of websites with inspirational quotes. But, it's an idea.

Well I believe that's it for tonight! Tomorrow I'll probably write a longer blog post. Have a lovely night!

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