Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pent Up Energy

Hello everyone! I have quite a bit of pent up energy. Luckily, I got most of the classes I wanted for next term. Not quite sure if I'm going to have a PE or if I'll wait until next year. But, I did attend a lunch presentation today, and I learned about a nearby Non Profit! So, that was pretty neat. And, the book that I have to read, write a paper on, and present, doesn't sound nearly as bad as I expected.

Back to my pent up energy. I desperately want to write. But, I know that if I start, I could easily go until 3am. :( I'm also thinking of a neat Sci Fi story but I'm not planning on making a trilogy out of it. Then again, I thought my current book series would only be two books. Oh well!

I'll have along day and night tomorrow. So, I may not be able to write a post. I just have to keep telling myself only 3 more full weeks and then I'm done for this term. Have a good night!

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