Saturday, January 17, 2015

Busy Bit!

Hello everyone! I had a lot on my plate working on my assignments. Next week shouldn't be as hellish bad. Plus my car is currently having trouble with it's power steering. But this half of the term is going to be quite busy! I'm going to attempt to get ahead so I can hopefully still have time for writing.

I did a little bit of writing today. But, sadly, I didn't do too much. I'm hoping to get some more writing in after writing the blog post. :) I've also been thinking of the prequel's in front of all my books. I think it'll flow quite well!

The only other thing I have to update on is that I have a really good chance of becoming treasurer for my sorority! Granted, I'm up against one other person, but it would appear I'm the only one with accounting skills! My skills are very little but I actually remember the very basic accounting that the sorority would require so that works well.

Alright! I hope I can update you all tomorrow night with some more information. :) 

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