Saturday, January 3, 2015

Editing Book!

Hello everyone! I didn't have much to say yesterday. But, I sent my book into my editor! I'll give out his name once I get my book back. ;) I'm also going to be formatting my book so I can get a print edition. That way, I can give two to my friends that said they would read it, and I can get one for myself! And of course I'm expecting to find stuff to edit.

So, now that leads me back to my third book. Once I get my formatting done (for the first book) I'll go back to writing!  I'm very excited to proceed with the final book in the series. I have thought of a few things I'll be incorporating into this book and in the second book.

Today I saw some of my boyfriends family. It was really nice and I was even offered for an internship! It's geared towards the public health field. Sadly it wouldn't work for the non profit certification but I'm still tempted to take the internship. And, I would be up by a big city, which could help my odds of getting published. It's food for thought. :)

I got my free book from Lulu and I already know there will be some problems with the formatting. And the book cover is quite horrid! At least with createspace they had freebie covers I could use. I still need to work on it. But, for the odd number pages needing to be on the right side. Ughhhhh. At least if I do self publish I'll pay to get the help formatting it.

Alright, I believe that's it! I'm thinking about putting the first chapter or two up on a website. That way you can read a bit of it! :) Have a lovely day!

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