Thursday, November 13, 2014

Feeling Better!

Hello everyone! On Veterans day I wasn't feeling well and was really tired. Then yesterday I was also tired but, right before bed, I was also sick. So, after looking online, I figured out my new birth control is upsetting my stomach. If I take it with dinner I should be alright. Sadly this means I've lost 2 days of typing! So I'll need to start catching up.

I've been thinking through my book a lot. Since my plot has changed it's making sure my second book has enough action and plot in it. Granted, I'm already 55 pages in but still it's pretty scary. It'll probably take shape soon. I still need to read and edit through my first book. That might be my project in December or if I can get ahead with writing and finish Nanowrimo. Also, I'm going to try, once again, to get my URL to officially switch over.

Also, I believe I posted my user name here, but in case you missed it "elizabethlight_" is the account to look for this year! :) Feel free to add me, send a message, or contact me on here. I'd love to keep up with other writers! :) Since I'm pretty behind I'm going to get ready and start writing! :D

**edit** 1,500 page views!!!! Super excited about that! :)

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