Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writing and Slipknot

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delayed post. The other night I was watching the Ferguson report and then last night I was at the Slipknot concert. Which, other than not understanding what he was saying all the time, was a pretty good concert. He was definitely a good performer.

So, my plot has done another twist. But so far I'm enjoying this new change. Now I'm still not sure if this will stay in the second book or if this will technically go towards the third book. It's hard to say at the moment. However, for the sake of getting to 50 k, it's staying in this book. Speaking of writing, I'm currently at 42K! I'm going to continue writing after I publish my post.

Tomorrow I might not post. I have a lunch to go to and dinner. And, after being stuffed with stuffing, I might just want to write. However, I'm being really hopeful, that I can get a lot of writing done and potentially finish a few days early. I'm also really excited because the paperwhite kindle went down $20. So, I decided to buy it, and I can't wait to get it. I really miss reading books on my kindle and well, when your kindle is dying frequently, it isn't a lot of fun to use.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

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