Sunday, November 16, 2014

Getting Prepped for Classes

Hello everyone! I haven't gotten to write today but I've been getting ready for classes. I found out today that my fitness class isn't until January! So, I'll have an hour extra in the morning to write. And, after my blog post, I'm going to start writing today. I've been itching to write all day!

Still haven't figured out what will be in the future for my third book. Another thing I can do is add more with this book and then the plot will stretch longer. I'm still sure something will come to mind. If I can get ahead then I'll start doing a reread of my first book. It'll be good since I'll have a fresh perspective. :D

I'll probably update tomorrow with information on classes and how things will pan out. I'm also going to start looking into different volunteering opportunities. The different volunteering will (hopefully) help open my eyes and see which direction I want to take my focus of non profits. :) Have a good day/night! :D

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