Sunday, March 8, 2015

Back to the Real World

Hello everyone! I disappeared a bit this weekend. Friday I went out shopping with a college friend and Saturday I spent time with my family. The good news is that I'll (hopefully) become more consistant with my blog posts again. The bad news is college starts up again tomorrow for me. Yay. I think I'll enjoy my classes but I love this freedom of being able to write and edit whenever I want.

Speaking of editing, I've made some good progress but decided to stop for a little while. I'm worried that I might not be happy with the plot if I edit too quickly. I'm really hoping that I can get ahead this term so I can spend some time editing. For April's Camp Nanowrimo (which I may not officially do) I don't think I'll go the traditional route of one story of 50k. I believe I'll save really getting into the third book for July's camp (if I event wait that long).

Instead I may try my hand at short stories. I don't usually write short fiction. But, I think it would be a really good thing to try. I always see the plots that other people don't want to use (ah the adoption page of Nanowrimo). So that might be a good alternative while I'm still focusing on my trilogy. It's still the beginning of March so I'll ponder it for a few weeks.

Alright well I don't have any interesting links to share this time. I may bring back word of the day or if I find a quote I like. But now I'm going to (attempt to) sleep. Hopefully I don't have weird dreams about college. Have a good night!

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