Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st

Hey everyone! It's been a few days since my last post. It was my Dad's birthday on Friday and then I completely spaced out on Saturday until I went to bed. Whoops. So, I've seen a few good movies lately! "Big Hero 6" was adorable (I wanted to see it in theaters but didn't get around to it) and I loved how the previews didn't give it away whatsoever. Also I watched "Earth to Echo" (on Netflix) and it was better than expected. I'll admit I was yelling at them a bit for being kids and not getting stuff done quickly. Otherwise pretty cute.

I've also been doing some editing. Most of it is comma's that my editor either fixed up or added to help my sentence. So, I've been thrilled with that. I'm still really dying to rewrite the post apocalyptic book ("The Walking Dead" isn't helping) but I'll stay away for now. I'm also going to look into the April Nanowrimo since (luckily) my three week class isn't then. But for now I'm going to plan on not participating but maybe being active in the forums instead. :)

The last thing I have to add is that I might be doing some promotions using my Twitter account. I'm thinking about having the service on Fiverr since I'm still getting followers every day. I'm going to request that only book promotions go through so then, that way, it won't feel like spam. :) Otherwise I'm done for the night! My plan is to go back to editing.

(Also I'm slowly but surely fixing up the page on the blog. For example, I removed some stuff off of the side bar and I've updated some of the pages at the top. :D)

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