Saturday, March 28, 2015

Over 5K!

Hello everyone! I'm wondering where my week went. My upcoming week isn't going to be low stress due to Easter coming up. So, of course since we'll be missing a few classes for our break, my teachers really feel the need to get their information crammed in. Yay.

So the only writing I've been doing is for school work. But, if I can get some more hw done tonight, I may write for a little bit. I'm still thinking about working on that other book series and having the 750-1,000 words for the chapters. I know, it's really sort of unusual. Yes, I technically have a book done. But, I really don't want to rush the publishing of the book. This is more of a creative side story.

If you want me to write my series for free, comment below and retweet my blog post like crazy! Or email me at! I've already made it to 5,000 blog views (which is amazing considering how busy I can get). Also, probably next weekend, I may post the DIY easy canvas art that I did for my boyfriend as a present. :) Again, if you're interesting please let me know!

Alright that's about it. I'm going to get back to my absolutely wonderful homework. Because this isn't feeling like rote learning (essentially learning a subject only for the upcoming test/quiz/etc). Which is sort of depressing. But, when there's several classes in a very short time frame, makes it harder to focus on all the subjects. Eh. Only 36 more weeks in my college career! So, until next time, take care!

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  1. Please post on 20lines or another website! I would love to read some of your work! :D