Thursday, May 28, 2015

24 Episodes in 3 Days

Hello everyone! You may be wondering where I went. I have started my internship and I have to say people who do data entry do not get paid enough. <rant> Yes, it's redundant and "easy" but if you're a perfectionist (like myself) it gets very annoying! </endrant>

So, I decided to get Hulu since it's summer break and I didn't get caught up with Grey's Anatomy. And, yes, I did finish the whole series in 3 days. I rushed through it but I may rewatch it before Season 12. Hulu only has a week free and I really don't want to pay for it (since I have Netflix).

At first I thought it was a waste of my time to watch through all of the series instead of writing.
But, I quickly realized I'm trying to jump into another project quickly. I haven't even gotten my W-4 in yet to Channillo (sorry about that) but my writing seemed rushed with that project. I think by taking a step back it helped clear my mind.

I'm most certainly the type of person to rush into something interesting. I may start rethinking my concept tonight. I'll (hopefully) buckle down on writing at least by tomorrow. I've found it harder to bring myself to write. For one, the concept of being an author with no stable income, is absolutely terrifying to a college student with no money. And two, it's hard to visualize the field because of all of the stereotypes and realities of being a writer. I think I've gotten caught up in the fear of writing and need to just relax a bit.

Alright I think I'm going to hop off for the night. Only a few more days until I turn 21! And also I'm very close to hitting 6,000 page views overall! Pretty good considering April and May I was essentially MIA in the world of blogging and social media. Hopefully I'll post another update soon. Also, I may try to include more interesting articles once again into my blog posts. :)

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