Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A window closes and a door opens

Hello everyone! So, I officially did not qualify for the contest I previously mentioned entering. But, I am planning on fixing it up and trying with another contest. :) I should be studying my last final but I just got some great news! I signed up for Channillo and requested to be an author. The great news is that they liked my story concept!

The only bad news, I want to get started writing now. Yes, it will be with another book series, but I figured this would be a good way to gain some readers and learn what to watch for in my series. Plus it'll help keep me on a plot line instead of going back and changing things every 2 days. I currently have it to update monthly but, depending on time, I might do another series as well.

The last few days all I can think about is my third book! Yes, I need to fix up the first and second, but I'm still debating what I want to add into this third book. I will probably start editing the first book (again) with a pair of fresh eyes.

Also I may have gotten on a Twitter list or notification to follow. I've gotten over 100 followers in this last week alone. I did just get up into 2,600 awesome followers so that's my guess. Otherwise everyone is following me for my occasional updates. Either way, thanks for following and tag me in a post if I didn't follow back!

So in less than 15 hours I will have the freedom to write to my hearts content. If you have a minute check out Channillo and check out the memberships they have to offer! I'm going to do a little more studying before going to bed. Have a good evening!

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