Saturday, May 30, 2015

Soon to be 21!

Hello everyone! I'm only hours away from being 21. It feels weird because I've celebrated it a few weeks ago (when my aunts were in town) and I'll finally be able to legally drink in the U.S. Now, I wasn't one of those teens drinking like crazy but an occasional drink is nice sometimes. At least I wasn't posting it on social media (unlike many other people).

It's also strange to be drinking in the US because I've technically have been in 3 countries where I could drink. Costa Rica sort of counts, even though I was a few months away from the legal age there, but I only had sips of alcohol. Then I visited France and the most drinking I did was at a wine tasting (to which I cringed at every dry wine). And finally in Brazil I drank occasionally but never as much as my peers.

I've always taken the perspective that alcohol should be a social event and not getting sloshed. I believe if the U.S. were to take this approach there wouldn't be as many teens and young adults getting in trouble with it. At my small college, less than 3 thousand students, we have a good amount of first years get alcohol poisoning. But, this wouldn't be an easy fix, and would probably take a few generations to take hold.

I guess the main reason I've been thinking about it is because both of my grandpa's were alcoholics. My one grandpa, who died a year ago on my birthday, was an alcoholic that couldn't say away from drinking despite trying to stop several times. And my other grandpa was bad but, with his new wife, I think he is doing better. I never want to get addicted to alcohol, or any other substance other than writing, because the thought of it freaks me out.

Alright enough personal views and thoughts. I'm making some progress with the side series I want to do. I'm right now working on character info for the main people in the story. I'm also trying to figure out how long I want my chapters to be. I'll probably work on it some more before bed. After I get the first chapter prepped I'm planning on going back with my main writing and start fixing it up some more!

That's about it. I've reached 6+ k views to the blog now! And I almost freaked out that it was July for camp nanowrimo. It's not. ;) Also after my birthday I'll be working on a list of good sources for writing and what not. :) Have a good evening!

PS: These are my big plans for tomorrow! [Texas Roadhouse!]

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