Friday, September 2, 2016

Completed Hiatus

Hello everyone! I had hoped to get back to my blog sooner. However, after writing for the entire month of July, I was pretty wiped out. I decided to just take some time and not actively write. I think I was just getting overwhelmed with the story since I hadn't stuck to my original plot. I had also hoped that since I was applying to more places that I would actually hear back. Sadly that wasn't the case.

During my hiatus I've gotten addicted to a computer game called Stardew Valley. If you loved Harvest Moon, you will enjoy this game, and it should be getting an update in the near future. My boyfriend built his gaming computer (I held the flashlight!) so we've kept ourselves busy. He also helped fix his old laptop (which I promptly commandeered with his permission) so I have a working computer!

My hopes for the blog, now that I'm back, is to focus on reviewing eBooks and websites pertaining to writing, as well as other posts related to writing. I don't know how frequently these posts will come up but hopefully they'll get up eventually! I also have to spend the time and type up 90% of what I hand wrote during July camp. Another idea I have in the works is offering a set of prompts for new subscribers but I first want to go through and test out the short prompts.

I'm hoping to write another blog post in the next few days about a photo editing service called FotoJet. But I haven't gotten a chance to try out their different photo editing tools yet. So, that's it for this time!

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