Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winter...Is Sporadic

Hello everyone! After watching Game of Thrones (and sadly having to wait for the next season) I would be inclined to say Winter is Coming. But, my usually snow covered region, has not been very snowy since Christmas. As usual, I've managed to keep myself extremely busy, but I haven't left my job yet. I'm still looking for another job first to, ideally, get into before leaving my current one.

One exciting thing is I started to lease a new car! I ended up getting the Hyundai Elantra and it's so nice! I had hoped to buy a car but the payments were very expensive and I didn't want to worry about mechanical issues for the next few years. But, once my lease is up, I'm hoping to purchase a car and I'll hopefully have some extra money to put towards a down payment.

I had managed to write another blog post towards the beginning of the month. However, I was focused on New Years Resolutions, and managed to never hit publish. So, as usual, I'm hoping to miraculously gain more time to write blog posts and work on my stories. But, I have been playing my flute more, so that has been an accomplishment.

To help motivate myself to write again, I wrote the projects that I wanted to work on, and what needed to be done. So far, two need to have the overall series plot reworked but a first draft is basically done, but the one needs to be typed. Then I have two series that are barely started but haven't been worked on in a while. And then at least another two that I want to start at some point. Needless to say, I have enough to keep myself busy and I just need to focus in on one story for now.

I'm planning on making some more blog posts related to writing but I haven't quite decided what I want to focus on. Otherwise, I'll probably be working, playing Stardew Valley, or thinking about writing but having a hard time starting up. Until next time!

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