Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 17 of Camp!

Hello everyone! I hope those who are participating in Camp Nanowrimo this April are having success. I have had a slow start this month, especially with work being busy, but I'm trying to write when I can. This poor blog post has been picked at and worked on for nearly 10 days. For this blog post I thought it would be great to talk about how to examine your word goal and reach your word count goal by the end of April.

First thing first, while you most likely have developed a goal for yourself at the beginning of the month, doesn't mean that you must stick to that goal. For example, there is a method called SMART Goals (which you can check out in the link), in which you make a goal how you please. They have several suggestions for each of the letters so you have the freedom to decide what it means for you.

Now, it may seem counterproductive, but it may be better to adjust your goals based on your progress and how you anticipate the last 8 days of April going. By having a goal you know will be attainable it will help motivate you to write and accomplish your goal. Of course, you could modify your goal to have a lower word count until the 20th, but have your overarching goal be your original goal. After all, this is your writing project, and you can accomplish it as you see fit.

Reaching the word count goal vs planning for it are two completely different things. My month started with a goal of 50k and hopefully go over. Since then I've decided to shoot for 15k and, if I'm able to write more, boost my goal back up again. At first, I was planning on trying to reach my original goal, but then I realized I was actually avoiding my writing because it was a bit overwhelming to me.

While it is frustrating for me to know that, in the past, I was able to achieve 50k within a month with no problems, I also have to realize that I need to work through my current situation. It's much different for me to write while working in comparison to writing while in school or during the summer break. Now, as much as I'd love to quit my job and write this blog and my stories all day long, it's sadly unrealistic at the moment. But, maybe one day.

That's all I have for this blog post. I'm hoping I'll have an opportunity to write a few more blog posts this month. But, who knows at this point. Good luck to all those who are participating in Camp and hopefully I'll be more active again in May.

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