Sunday, August 6, 2017

Three Year Anniversary!!!

Hello everyone! I, as usual, ended up getting terribly busy and haven't been able to post in two months. But I'm super excited since I started this blog three years ago and have come a long way since starting. For this post I'm just going to update on my writing, camp, and my plans for the future!

My writing over the last three years has had one primary project and several others that have been sparked because of muse. My trilogy was my focus for the last camp so I'll talk more about it in the next paragraph. But I have a (potential) trilogy that I need to type/buy the dragon software that I haven't worked on in a year, another story that I worked on in April, and some other stories that haven't quite lifted off the ground. My hope is that once I can get my first main story ready for publishing that I can work on some of these other potential series and get them released as well.

My July Camp NaNoWriMo went absolutely beautifully. I had intended to make my main story go from 1st to 3rd person since I felt so limited and it actually hindered me being able to go forward. Well, it's still the plan, but instead of editing I managed to add 2 other perspectives and write about 45 more pages! Post camp I'm hoping to continue working on the other perspectives to get them caught up as well as the delightful work of changing 200+ pages of first person to third. Once I get some more writing done I'm hoping it will help me nail down the plot of this book and potential future books. I would still like to make it a trilogy but I will just have to see where the vision of the book goes.

For the future I'm hoping to actually get a book published. Three years ago I thought I would publish within a year. Looking back I could see where I could have accomplished that but it makes me glad that I've waited. I've learned quite a bit and I've had my vision for the story change as well. I still don't know if I want to go the traditional route or self publishing route with my story. So, there is still a lot to figure out, but I'm hopeful for the future.

That's all I have for this blog post! I've been looking for another job and I think it's coming up to the point where I can't stay with my current employer. If you've read my other posts since January this has been ongoing and frustrating. I truly hope that I will be able to get some more blog posts up and be more active. Until next time!

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