Monday, June 20, 2016

Prepping for Camp

Hello everyone! I had hoped to post sooner this week. However, my grandma was in the hospital since last Wednesday. She had been coughing for over two weeks which developed into pneumonia and then she had MRSA while at the hospital as well. But, she's doing better and was released yesterday. She was more excited to go home and shower more than anything!

So, not too much to update on the writing front. I've gotten over 80 pages handwritten (20 of which were from the Word document) so I'm quite happy with that. I may have my July camp project (which I was randomly assigned to a cabin!) be typing up what I've hand written to get to 50k. I haven't officially decided what I'm doing. And, I may have to put it on hold if I get a job and move.

I'm actually looking to move to Des Moines, IA. It's supposed to be a good city for young business professionals and they sound like they have cool events. Nothing is concrete yet though. The only bad thing would be the almost 3 hours away from home (which technically isn't much) but it would be cool to live in an area that has a lot to offer. It just is a bit harder since I'm not from the area but hopefully I'll get some calls back soon.

Also, some exciting news, is that I ended up getting the Kindle Fire 7 for $40 and I should get it tomorrow. What my hope and goal is to use it to read over writing, blogging, and other advice eBooks. I would also like to post reviews of these books on my blog as well. But first I'm hoping to write a blog post on Wednesday about the tablet and how I like it.

Alright, that's all for this blog post. Hopefully I'll have my next blog post up on Wednesday or Thursday. I have a visitation to go to tomorrow and I may be going to the funeral the next day. I haven't gotten that far so who knows. Until next time!

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