Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Running Around

Hello everyone! I had hoped to post sooner however multiple things have popped up since the last post. A distant family member passed away (she was 101!) so my family was in town so I spent a lot of time with them. I was also pet sitting and helping paint a few rooms in my boyfriends grandmothers house.

I'm hoping to get the blog post about the kindle fire posted this week. So far, I really do love it! I haven't quite convinced myself to read a book off of it yet (I still love my Paperwhite) but it's pretty great! I didn't realize how much music and how many movies are available on Prime so I was ecstatic about that. I'll mention more in my blog post along with pictures I've taken!

Another blog post I plan on posting in the near future is my experience with my bullet journal. It turned more into a daily journal with a few key things that I wanted to get accomplished. In the future I would like to try having it be more list orientated but, at least for now, this works much better for me. I also bought some new things for my bullet journal so I'll mention those as well in that blog post!

I have started fixing up my Pinterest board and making different boards. I'll hopefully be more active especially since using my kindle fire works great with the Pinterest app. I'm planning on creating boards in the near future. I'll also (hopefully) get my blog posts on there eventually. Once I have a working computer again.

Alright, I believe that will be it for this blog post. I may do series review on Serenity's Plain Secrets, but if I forget it's an awesome series to read! I read through them all within a week since they're shorter than most books I get. Also, I'm still hoping to get through July Camp but it depends on if I get a job offer. Hopefully I don't disappear for another week! :)

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