Monday, February 6, 2017

Get Writing Today - For Free!

Hello everyone! I decided that I wanted to focus a few blog posts towards resources and things needed for those who want to start writing. So, why not start with everyone's favorite word: free.

Now, I know there are two types of people reading my post right now. One is extremely excited about the prospect of doing this for free. The other is thinking to themselves that nothing is truly free. While it's true that you've probably spent some hard earned cash on a few of the items mentioned, some of the things are things you can snag for 'free', while the rest are probably inhabiting your home right now.


There are those who buy notebooks and fills them up and there are those who buy notebooks because they're pretty. I'm primarily the second, but I don't spend more than $5 on a notebook, and I've gotten better about filling out notebooks. Most likely you have a notebook that has a few pages used but is otherwise is good shape, so instead of letting it collect dust, why not use it? It can be a great way to brainstorm and you may find your ideas flowing to you. If you must buy, then look at the dollar stores or Walmart so you can keep your cost low.


If you've ever been to a hotel, hair salon, or insurance office, chances are you've seen the cup with free pens. I'm not saying you should slowly put the cup of pens into your purse but grab one to take with you. And you probably have a drawer somewhere in your home where pens go to rest. Now, you could also use pencils, but I've found that I'm more motivated to not scratch out something/start editing if I use a pen. But, it's your writing, so find what works best for you.


If you're reading this off of a computer, congratulations, you have a device for your writing. Now, you could also use a cell phone, but personally I think I would go cross eyed before getting very far. You should definitely use your computer to type if it is your personal computer or if you have a very relaxed office where you can use the computer for personal use during breaks.

Now, if you don't have a computer, the next best place to type is a library. Sure, there is a yearly fee, but just consider getting a few writing books while you're there. Just make sure you either use an online service, like Google Docs, DropBox, etc, or bring a USB. Actually, if you can, do both. Just trust me on this.

Google Docs:

I've been using Google Docs for about 4 years now. It's a great way to make changes especially if you don't have Microsoft. The only problem I used to have, and quite frankly I haven't used Google Docs enough lately to test it out, but there were times that the typing can get a letter off. Usually, the easy fix is to use another browser, and then I wouldn't have any problems. Plus, with having an email with Google, you get access to the Docs as well as other services they offer for free!

Other nifty stuff:

You can look around your home and find other things to help you with writing. A timer is great to make sure you get some writing time in. Or, that old folder that has two pieces of paper in it, would be great to store your ideas in. There is no set criteria or tools for you to start writing so, whatever helps you, is the best tool for use.

I hope I was able to help you start brainstorming ideas on what to use to help you start writing. I've included a few links below for resources that are very helpful for me. Please comment/tweet if you enjoyed my post! Until next time.

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