Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Social Media and Writing

Hello everyone! I've been very busy with work but, my boyfriend passed out, so I have time to blog. So, if the title AND picture doesn't give it away, I'm going to talk about how social media can help inspire your writing, improve your skills, or even provide feedback! There are many sites you can use, especially those more focused on writing. For this post I will focus on big social media sites that I frequently used /have used in the past, that are helpful for me.


Pinterest is a great tool for finding writing tips, advice, and more. Many bloggers, authors, and other writers will have blog posts and, with an image, post it to the site! I've had one for a while now but I haven't been as active lately as I would like to be. But, it's a great spot to save things to read later. My Pinterest is here and I try to categorize my pins so, when I'm looking for something, it's a bit easier to navigate.


Ah, Reddit, a home to many great threads and stories. While there are writing and blogging subreddits, I find the TIFU section particularly fascinating and cringe worthy. Which is perfect for those awkward characters that can't seem to do anything right. Considering there are over 6,000 subreddits, while many may be inactive, there's most likely a few that will inspire you. But, here are a few popular writing communities: writingwriting prompts, and write.


It may seem like Twitter is only a battleground for politics but it can actually be useful for writing. I like to follow other authors, publishing houses, writing advice accounts, and use my favorite hashtags to search. Now, I'm mainly on there to repost my blog posts or The Walking Dead tweets, but I will jump on to see what is trending and how it is related to writing. Plus, if you follow accounts that post *free* books, you can load up with device with eBooks.


Tumblr is another great resource to find writing advice. You can follow accounts that have writing prompts or other things that are useful for you. Granted, I'm usually too busy to use this platform, but I definitely need to start using it more. If you want to check out my account hopefully I'll add more stuff and be active.


Facebook is what I wake up with and usually end my day with. Now, it's my personal account and where I follow what my friends do, but once I publish I plan on making a page for my book. There are many groups you could follow, like your favorite author or writing advice, so it can be a great resource. I personally like using it more to follow cat pages and seeing what my family and friends post.

You can choose which social media platforms you like using the best. It can be a bit hard, and overwhelming, to use all of these at once. You could also choose certain days that you look on your least used social media platforms so you can stay up to date with what is going on. Also, I didn't mention Instagram, but that would be a good website for scenery inspiration or even writing prompts. So, until next time, tweet or comment which social media platforms YOU use.

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