Monday, September 25, 2017

Google Drive for Writers

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to share how Google Drive can be a great (and free) resource for writers. I hope to elaborate more on each section in separate blog posts but for today I will give brief information on them.

Google Drive

The Google Drive consists of 4 aspects:
  1.  You can upload any files including pictures into your storage area (15 GB free).
  2. Google Docs allows you write and saves your progress online.
  3. Google Sheets is similar to Excel (which can also be useful for writers!).
  4. Google Slides has another benefit that I recently realized.
I love being able to store additional things in my Google Drive. I'm also lucky that I get an extra 100 GB's for I believe 2 years since I have a Chromebook. But, even without the extra storage, it's still a lot of space for writing documents. 

Google Docs

The benefit of this one is pretty clear. It's a basic writing program that works similarly to Word but has less features. Honestly, it has everything I could possibly need, and I love that I can share it between my writing account and my personal email. That way, I don't need to only sign into this account. Plus, if you want someone to beta read, this is a great way to share the file and allows for them to comment along their reading experience. 

Google Sheets

Now, I know what you're thinking, sheets are for those people who work with numbers. I have been using it to track what I need to do as well as some basic character information. That way, I can easily filter my information to find what I need quicker. I will be doing a separate blog post with pictures of how I use the sheets.

Google Slides

I honestly haven't touched Slides since college. But I was looking at it the other day and it dawned on me. I could use them similarly to note cards. Now, I love note cards, and I have way too many in my house stashed away. I plan on using it to write scene ideas so I can easily shift things around until I'm happy with an outline. I may also write character information on the sheets and, if you have the font big enough, you can print out the information so you have a backup. Again, I plan on doing a separate post so you can see the overarching idea I have for it.

There are also additional programs that you can download and use for the drive. I personally do not use them but if there is one you like, feel free to tell me in the comments, because I have not tried any of them. If you want to read other writers perspectives on using Google Drive for writing there are others who have posted in the last few years (you can Google it!) that were interesting to read as well.

Thanks for reading and if you have additional ways you use Google Drive please comment below! Until next time. :)

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