Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Little Writing

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been on. I've been busy writing 13 pages for two different academic papers. I still have one more paper plus the interview left plus my two tests. The main thing keeping me moving forward this term is the two week break so I can write!

I did write a little bit last night. I'm thinking I might skip ahead to another section. I'm moving a bit slow right now. However, I did think of a good idea on how to revamp a previous book. Granted, it'll be after I get done writing this series. :)

Also, I went to a flute master class this morning. With a master class, the musician will generally listen to a few other musicians (such as students), and then give them advice on how to improve. I was not one of the students up there (which I'm grateful for) but I still learned a lot. My recital will be next Saturday (I haven't mentioned this before because it would have been hard to perform in Brazil!). I'm nervous but more excited to practice my piece. And, hopefully what I learned today, can help me improve my practicing. :D

I think, since I can procrastinate with my interview and last paper, I'm going to write for a bit! :) Also, I'm considering starting up a book review for a fee to do on the side. I will try and get back on track with my blog posting!

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