Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a week. I've been busy with college activities and lots of studying. At least my flute recital and band concert went well! :) I had two tests yesterday and a presentation (plus turning in a paper) for today. Plus I went running around for a bit with my mom and grandma so that helped me relax a bit.

So, now that I'm on break, I plan on writing. Now I was originally planning on writing the third book. However, my editor just gave me an awesome title or my first book, and I got thinking. My second book has been sitting for a while and I'm not super content with it. But, I just got an idea of a section I'm going to take out and fix up a bit, so that way my new book title for the second book will work. And I wasn't really happy with the amount of courtship scenes to begin with.

Well I know this wasn't a long post. I'm sort of anxious to write so I think I'm going to shift gears and start working on that. After I take my very dry contacts out (which are currently annoying me) so I can focus better. I plan on having more updates soon and they should be more in-depth. So please keep following for updates and I hope you have a lovely night!

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