Thursday, February 19, 2015

Offically Free

Hello everyone! I already have missed a day of writing a new blog post. I had to help Ryan get prepped for his final last night. He had his today and thinks he did pretty good. I've already have gotten most of the information for two of my classes! It would appear that I'm going to get some good grades! I'm happy considering how much I had to do this term.

So, I haven't gotten back into my writing yet. I think tomorrow I'm going to locate where my writing for the second book is. It must be on my tablet. So, as soon as I do find it, I'm going to get it backed up and start writing again! It feels weird to finally be able to write and not have to worry about papers!

Alright, I believe that's it for the night. The only other thing I have is that I'm considering getting a logo/social media design from Fiverr. Otherwise I just need to keep focused on my writing so I can get a lot accomplished before break ends. :) Have a good night!

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