Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl

Hello everyone! I don't have much to update on at the moment. I went bowling this weekend (eh scores) and watched half of the super bowl. Sadly, for my boyfriend's house, their dish satellite is covered in snow. Oh, and we got soooooooooooooooooo much snow where I live. Blah.

Anyway, I'm counting down the days until my break. I'm absolutely DYING to write! Sadly, I still have two papers I need to write. I'm going to get focused more on that tomorrow. Tonight, I need to do some homework and try to get ahead on homework. Granted, it's already 11pm, but I know I probably won't go to bed for at least an hour.

So the last thing I have to update on is that I've gotten more page views in January than I did in December! That's pretty awesome! I probably won't do that again (considering the month is shorter) but it'll still be fun to try and get up there. You need to keep coming back until I can get my book done and ready to sell! :) Have a good night!

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