Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Only 6 more days

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't gotten around to a new blog post. I actually have a good amount to update on for once! So, lets get to it. :)

So, on Monday I watched the movie "John Wick". It's a pretty good movie. It's got a long of action and also keeps a good pace. But, if bloody movies aren't your thing, then you might get a bit squeamish. I also watched "Kill the Messenger" which I thought was another good movie. It was based off a true story. Now, watching these two movies back to back might make you a bit paranoid, because there were a few points where I was thinking that the plot was different. Whoops! haha

Activites and college are going pretty well. I actually got a bit busier with some volunteering and assignments. And, it'll be my last night of band tomorrow for the term. Then all I need to do is my flute recital and band concert on Valentines day!

Alright, so you're probably wondering "Are you even still writing?" Yes. Yes I am. I decided Monday night that I would write for 25 minutes before focusing on other things. An hour later and 3,000+ words confirms that I didn't get as much done. But it was a lot of fun to write that much! :D I am restraining myself until next Tuesday night. Then I'm going to binge on writing. And I'll get ahead with my assignments so, when I start next term, I can write a bit as well.

Last thing is that I did happen to find a short term advertising so I can get more page views to the blog. I've certainly gotten quite a bit. My ultimate hope is that, you lovely paid viewers, will stick around and keep checking out my blog! :) Also, it's my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend! We won't be doing anything until next Thursday when he's done with his tests. :) Have a good night!

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