Friday, September 5, 2014

And I'm back!

Hello everyone! Sorry for missing yesterday. I'm not feeling well, my boyfriends mother has bronchitis, so hopefully I didn't catch that. I've been working on a Brazil paper last night and this morning and it actually hasn't went too bad. I was able to get on a role and finish it up.

So, this weekend won't be nearly as stressful. My music teacher, who had assigned 3 readings last week, said she wouldn't do that again. I just need to start writing a music paper. Oh, and if you are 15-16 and would like to help me with a musical question, I'll pose you as a cousin. My teacher wants a younger generation and I literally don't have contact with the 2 cousins who would be around that age. And I don't have any siblings. -.- Would be willing to bribe. ;)

Writing! I'm super pumped and DYING to write some more. I decided one of my scenes is unrealistic. There would be no possible way it could happen without everyone flipping out. So, I've decided to rearrange some scenes and add a complete other scene! I'm hoping I can work on it later because I'm dying to see the results. Also I can't wait to see how much I've added in detail (and words) for the initial draft. Then, I'll be calling it my first draft, and after Brazil I can get editing!

Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Other exciting news, I'm almost to 700 page views! And I'm getting really close to 1,000 followers. I really means a lot to everyone who is viewing this. I may make another blog post later. I have to go watch a movie from 4:30-6:30 and it's a 50's movie so if I really enjoy it I'll comment later.

Also, on a side note, my mom has offically left the house. I don't know when my dad will be getting served the divorce papers. I know it sounds terrible but I'm really happy. My mom and I are people who get along better if we aren't constantly by each other. So, unless my dad flips out and decides to move, I don't think anything will change at my house.

Well, comment, contact me, and find me on twitter/google+ to contact me. Also, I really need a younger person to contact me by Sunday for my paper.

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