Saturday, September 6, 2014

Editing and Sickness

Hello everyone! I'm officially sick with a sore throat and horrible coughing fits. Yay. Thankfully this weekend isn't too intense so I'm able to edit! And relax a bit after the stressful week.

Editing: It's going pretty good. I'm at the halfway point and I'm typing up another chapter now. I'll have to take out a bit in an upcoming chapter but that's alright. I plan on doing more editing once I'm done eating lunch. I may even start the second book before I go to Brazil! That would be super exciting.

On twitter I have gotten over 1,000 followers! That's pretty awesome and hopefully it'll keep growing. I may post on other sites today if my muse runs out. Also, I'm still going to fight with the domain name but I haven't been able to fix it so far. It's been a month since I bought it and it should really not be this hard.

Also it's been a month since this blog has been started!!!!

 Anyways, I think I'm going to go back to editing. If I think of more to add I'll update with another blog post. I'm super excited for this chapter I'm writing!!! Comment or contact me with anything and everything. :D

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