Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting a late night post in!

Hello everyone! It's almost midnight where I live and I've been busy all day. My sore throat wasn't as bad today. Sadly, my boyfriend's coughing was still bad and he ended up having cold sweats. He ended up leaving halfway through Art class and went to the doctors. He does have bronchitis and almost had pneumonia. He's on three different antibiotics!

I'm really wanting to edit and add more to the book but I haven't had the time to. I still have 2 readings, fixing up a paper, and studying Portuguese for tomorrow. Also, I'll have my ESA meeting at Augustana. But, I do get to find out information on my host family!!! Super excited for that.

Anyways, sorry I can't post more. Hopefully tomorrow I can do an update with more information and maybe edit for a while! Now to read the articles for tomorrow. Yay?

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