Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Loooooong day turned short

Hello everyone! So, my busy day became drastically less stressful. For one, I decided to go to Pro Fair in the Spring Term to have time to look into the organizations at Pro Fair and also get my resume up to date. The second thing was, after staying up until 2am working on this stupid project, I decided that the 9am advising meeting was not worth the trip to school. So I really only had my presentation.

We were all thinking that not many people would show up for our session. It wasn't on the theme, Identity, and thought only our classmates would be there. No. There were 75 people there total. Our class only has 29 people. So, it was drastically bigger than we all thought. I froze and ended up just reading off my notecards. Had it been a subject that I worked on by myself, therefore giving myself enough time to look into things and plan it out, it would have went well. Instead I found out last night that, yes, I could do imports and exports. Thanks group.

Well, I'm going to the doctors soon. I'll, hopefully, be able to edit later. I still need to do the readings for tomorrow and do a response so that'll come first. I'm hoping that it'll be a quick read but I'll probably be disappointed.

So, I believe that's it. If I do get a chance I'll update later on how things are going. I hope you all have lovely afternoons/nights/mornings. :D

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